Kelly Willis

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Kelly Willis

Kelly Willis, née le 2 octobre 1968, est une chanteuse et compositrice de musique country, dont la musique est décrite comme « country contemporaine », « country alternative » et « new traditional country ».

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Année Chanson US Country Album
1990 "I Don't Want To Love You" Well Travelled Love
1990 "River of Love" Well Travelled Love
1990 "Looking For Someone Like You" Well Travelled Love
1991 "Baby Take a Piece of My Heart" 51 Bang Bang
1991 "The Heart That Love Forgot" Bang Bang
1992 "Settle For Love" Bang Bang
1993 "Whatever Way The Wind Blows" 72 Kelly Willis
1993 "Heaven's Just A Sin Away" 63 Kelly Willis
1999 "Not Forgotten You" What I Deserve
2002 "If I Left You" Easy
2003 "Don't Come The Cowboy With Me, Sonny Jim!" Easy
2007 "Teddy Boys" Translated From Love
2007 "The More That I'm Around You" Translated From Love

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