Hell Freezes Over

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Hell Freezes Over

Live de The Eagles
Sortie 1994
Genre Rock Californien, Country rock, Folk rock, Soft rock, Hard rock

Albums de The Eagles

Hell Freezes Over est un album du groupe The Eagles, sorti en 1994.

Liste des morceaux[modifier | modifier le code]

Sauf indication contraire, Don Henley est au chant.

  1. "Get Over It" (Henley, Frey)
  2. "Love Will Keep Us Alive" (Pete Vale, Capaldi, Carrack)
    • Lead vocal Timothy B. Schmit
  3. "The Girl From Yesterday" (Frey, Jack Tempchin)
    • Lead vocal by Glenn Frey
  4. "Learn To Be Still" (Henley, Stan Lynch)
  5. "Tequila Sunrise" (Henley, Frey)
    • Lead vocal by Glenn Frey
  6. "Hotel California" (Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Don Felder)
  7. "Wasted Time" (Henley, Frey)
  8. "Pretty Maids All In A Row" (Walsh, Joe Vitale)
    • Lead vocal by Joe Walsh
  9. "I Can't Tell You Why" (Schmit, Henley, Frey)
    • Lead vocal by Timothy B. Schmit
  10. "New York Minute" (Henley, Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar, Jai Winding)
  11. "The Last Resort" (Henley, Frey)
  12. "Take It Easy" (Frey, Jackson Browne)
    • Lead vocal by Glenn Frey
  13. "In The City" (Walsh, Barry De Vorzon)
    • Lead vocal by Joe Walsh
  14. "Life In The Fast Lane" (Henley, Frey, Walsh)
  15. "Desperado" (Henley, Frey)

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