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carte groenland[modifier | modifier le code]

Bonjour Sting,

Je ai trouvé votre carte du Groenland sur Wikimedia et je me demande si vous êtes en mesure de me indiquer la source de l'image originale à la NOAA ou partout où il se trouve.

Je termine un livre de fiction qui se déroule dans le Groenland et souhaitez inclure une version de la carte en elle.

est-il un problème dans utilisant simplement votre carte (ou un dérivé) dans un livre imprimé dans le commerce - bien sûr la carte ne serait noté comme Share Alike dans la section des crédits.

Merci, Wayne


Hello Sting / Eric,

I found your Greenland map on Wikimedia and I am wondering if you are able to point me to the original image source at the NOAA or wherever it is located.

I am finishing a fictional book that takes place in Greenland and would like to include a version of the map in it.

is there any problem in just using your map (or a derivative) in a commercially printed book - of course the map only would be noted as Share Alike in the credits section as well as credit to you.

Thanks, Wayne

Hello Wayne. I answered on your discussion page. Sting (m'écrire) 9 janvier 2015 à 20:43 (CET)

Font used on Greenland map[modifier | modifier le code]

Hello again Eric/Sting

I contacted you earlier about using your Greenland map in a project. Thanks. I am just now getting around to making some small modifications to the map - removed the GISP2 notation in the center. I also want to add a couple of place names. Can you tell me what font you used for the city names? Thanks.

thanks for the details on which fonts you used. If you are at all interested, I will let you know when the book has been published. It should be in the 2Q 2015.