Adagio à l'Europe

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L'Adagio à l'Europe (Adagio to Europe) est une œuvre musicale pour grand orchestre symphonique écrite en 1970 par Didier Van Damme. Le thème de l'œuvre est la construction européenne. En 2005, elle reçut à Amsterdam le prix European Awards.

It is said that few words suffice to describe the shining symbolism of the ADAGIO TO EUROPE ...The listener is gently borne away with emotion, at the same time experiencing ineffable joy in awareness of what we have become today: members of one large family... Born from the universal language of instrumental music, the Adagio is dedicated to all the peoples of Europe. It is also a celebration of its languages, whose words of love, brotherhood and friendship it interprets with sensitivity.Composed in 1970, by Didier Van Damme, thirteen years after the signing of the Treaty of Rome, establishing the European Economic Community (EEC) and two years before the accession treaty, signed in The Hague, opening the second phase in the construction of Europe, the ADAGIO TO EUROPE bears a powerful message of hope, peace and involvement in the coming together of peoples, as exemplified in the ever-increasing momentum of the construction of Europe.

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